Alberta Jesters

2018 CH Junior

5. 2018 Alberta Jesters OPEN - Calgary, Alberta

November 8th-11th, 2017

2017 Tournament draws


This is a Squash Canada Identified event. The Jesters Event will draw kids from all the western provinces and territories. Last year we had competitors from P.E.I. and Ontario competing. Primarily our strongest Provincial players will travel to this event. Categories are U11, U13, U15, U17, U19 for both Boys and Girls. there is a further division of each age category into levels of play with OPEN or B level of play. It is not suggested that players travel to the Alberta Jesters unless you are competing in an Open Draw. If you are a B player there are other tournaments locally which provide a better competitive environment. I suggest the Victoria Silver hosted at Cedar Hill this year.


Typically we fly on the Thursday, as matches will start at 9:00am on the Friday. I will post my flight info on this web page so you can book matching tickets. If you give me permission I will book the tickets for you so that we have one booking reference. You can see an example of last years bookings below:

FlightDate / Time
Westjet 416November 9th, 12:35 - 15:05
Westjet 173November 12th, 18:00 - 18:41


  • Tournament Hotel - 3 nights
  • Split room costs for this event - apx $35.00 to $70.00 per night - dependent on the number of people per room
  • We Rent a van for the weekend - apx cost for vehicle - $50.00 per person, gas included

Costs (2015 Alberta Jesters):

ItemFromEstimated CostTotal
Hotel Best WesternPrevious Year: $109.00 per night
Plane Ticket Air CanadaCost: $305.00 + $50.00 baggage fee if checking a bagVic to Van AC8060 - 10:00am : 10:25am
Van to Edm AC236 - 11:05am : 1:35pm
Edm to Van AC253 - 5:30pm : 6:15pm
Van to Vic AC8079 - 7:00pm : 7:25pm
Vehicle Rental Best deal $204.00 Split 6 ways
Gas OPEC$40.00 Split between van occupants