Jericho Junior Open

2019 CH Junior

9. 2018 Jericho Junior Open, Jericho Squash Club, Vancouver

January 18th to 20th, 2019

2018 Draws


This tournament is part of the Provincial RTS / PTS required tournament list. Everyone enjoys playing at Jericho. So get your racquets ready and put this event high on your list of tournaments


If you are interested to register for the tournament please let me know and I will do a group registration for everyone.


Travel to Vancouver is on Friday and we will need to leave on the 1:00pm ferry to ensure that we can get to Jericho in time for the first match. When I travel to Vancouver I can take 4 kids in my car and we will arrange rides for the other kids travelling to Vancouver.


Last year we were able to find an airBnB within walking distance to the club. This is great way to cut down costs for all participants. And I make a team spaghetti dinner for everyone travelling to the tournament


The Cost for this tournament usually run between $190.00 and $210.00 for the weekend. This includes, travel, tournament entry fees, and Coaching costs. (this does not include the club travel Rebate)