2019 CH Junior

Canadian Junior Championships

13. 2019 Canadian Jr. Championships, Edmonton, Royal Glenora

April 11th to 14th 2019

Deadline, March 29th, 2019, 11:59PM EST

Draws 2018


This is our Canadian Championships event. All of Canada's top juniors will be at this event. If you are a PTS athlete you will need to travel to this event, in North Vancouver, BC. It is great that the event will be held in BC this year. Many of our newer players can play in the and get some valuable national experience.
There are U13,15,17,19 draws for Open level players.


We will book our plane ticket to Edmonton in January for this event. If we get in early enough we will manage to get tickets at $250.00 return. I can block book the tickets if you would like this option please let me know in advance.

Practice Courts:

I will book practice courts for the day we arrive. Playing in Alberta, 800 m above sea level and in the dryer climate, it is good to get practice time in before the event starts. This helps the players to acclimatize.


We try to book in the tournament hotel. Last time in Edmonton the tournament hotel ran $150.00 per night all taxes in for one room.


  • Tournament Entry Fee $165.00 + GST = $173.25, which will be covered for those kids working with the Cedar Hill Squash Club Coach, special thanks to the Doug Hawkes helping to pay entry fees for the CH Jrs.
  • apx $120.00: Money for Food for the meals only 2 meal tickets are included in the tournament entry fee
  • apx $75.00 as travel expense to and from the event